PennyMan Inc.
The beautiful hand-crafted cabinet attracts customers, is movable, and easy to
keep clean, The unit uses 110 v. Power and under three square feet of floor
space. You help design and have final approval of the four dies for your

Since the customer provides the penny as well as the money to operate the
machine you do not vend anything. You provide a long lasting and unique
souvenir: one that can be collected or made into a necklace, key-chain, lucky
charm, earrings, hat bands, bracelets or many other items. We also have
pressed penny collectors books available for you to sell to your customers.

You will find that the locating of units is exciting. You will benefit from seeing
happy customers using the machine and receiving their pressed penny. Many
customers will purchase all four of the selections. Remember every time a coin
is pressed you receive $.50. People are searching for and are collecting
pressed pennies throughout the world.

There are many locations still available. The amount you earn depends upon
the number of visitors to the location. Some machines have been paid for in
one year or less while other places take longer.