PennyMan Inc.
The penny souvenir began at the Chicago world's fair in 1893. Since then
many different types of presses have been built. The newest type is the
computer operated four choice souvenir machine.

Penny Designs History started while touring prior to attending a Boy Scout
National Jamboree in 1985 I became aware of a Souvenir Penny machine at
the World Trade Center in New York.  This machine had one choice of
souvenir coin. I contacted the manufacturer and along with several other
people purchased three of the machines.

These machines were placed in separate locations. After one to two
years two of us bought out the other partners. At that time we decided that
four (4) choices would be better and produce a higher income. My partner
wanted to remain silent and I became the operating partner.

The cabinet was redesigned to make operation easier.  A new
computer operating system was designed and placed in the machines to
give the customer the added number of choices. The first computer board
and program were delivered to us late one Friday. The designer moved to
Japan the next day. When put into operation the board did not work.  We
had nobody to fix the problem. So we went to a new programmer and received
a much better program.

Since 1987 there have been two (2) computer board updates, simpler
wiring and better lighting. A third computer board version is ready for
installation in machines to be built in the near future. The cabinet has been
changed to have a larger viewing area, lighted side panels, casters included
and blinking rope lights can be added. The penny press has been
strengthened and more specific machining has been done on the chutes.

Cabinets, computer boards, presses and graphics are provided and then
assembly is completed in our facility.

Penny Design sold it's designs to PennyMan Inc in 2004.  PennyMan Inc. has
sold components to other penny souvenir machine operators because of the
reliability and ease of operation. We have also built custom cabinets for
specific locations.